Meet Kerri

Meet Kerri McAlpin, Creator of Weirdly Cute.

Subtlety? What’s that?

I don’t do dainty. I was that girl in high school who wore costumes, weird stuff in her hair, and fluorescent pink fishnets with a tie-dyed dress… You get the idea. I started making jewelry to complement my eccentric wardrobe. While my tastes have grown up a bit since then, I still like to stand apart from the crowd. 

In 2011, I started Weirdly Cute. Weirdly Cute represents my personal style journey. I’ve found a perfect balance that’s not too weird, but not too run-of-the-mill either. Some of my favorite pieces are “classics” that I’ve put a spin on, but I’ve got tons of awesome totally original pieces as well. Take a look, there’s something for just about anyone if you’re willing to get a little bold!

Stay Weirdly Cute!
xoxo, Kerri